The effect typewriters had on typography

Marcin Wichary of the Medium design team tackles how the typewriter set back advances in typography, and now with recent web technologies, how we are working to take back beautiful words.

You see, I blame typewriters for double-handedly setting typography back by centuries. Type before typewriters was a beautiful world filled with hard-earned nuance and richness, a universe of tradition and craftsmanship where letters and their arrangement could tell as many stories as the words and passages they portrayed.

My heart laid bare on the Sparkbox Foundry

Most of my writing over the last year and a half has not occurred on this site, but rather over at the Sparkbox Foundry. My latest article was posted there yesterday and it dives into some deeper, less discussed topics covered on the Foundry. In the article I discuss several lies I have internalized and how I have dealt with them throughout my career. While I am wearing my heart on my sleeve in this article, my expectations were low to see any reaction to what I wrote. I have received a lot of encouragement and positive reception in the last 24 hours, and I am so glad this has resonated with others.

Sparkbox Foundry – &

Easily my favorite feature of Sass is the ability to self-reference a selector by using &. My latest Sparkbox Foundry post digs into the different ways I like using this feature, complete with examples.